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Published 07/10/2014

AXA is a life insurance company that originated in Paris, France in 1817. The company was created through a series of mergers from several insurance companies including one of the oldest insurance companies in France, the Mutuelle ACL. After several years, a new structure called Ancienne Mutuelle Group was formed and was then referred to as the future AXA Group later on. French businessman Claude Bébéar (now honorary chairman of AXA) became the CEO of the Ancienne Mutuelle Group in 1975. In July 1985, AXA became the group’s new corporate name.

As one of the leading French global investment, retirement, and insurance groups, it has been known to protect its customers and their relatives from any risk by helping them manage their savings and assets.

Today, the AXA Group has been serving over 100 million clients in 56 countries worldwide, providing services in three major business areas: property-casualty insurance, life and savings, and asset management.

Products and Services

The AXA Group’s day-to-day operations focus on helping their clients live a secure life, including protecting their wealth, growing the value of their savings, funding projects, and even retirement plans, among others. There are three major business and expertise areas that AXA is known for. The first is property-casualty insurance. This type of insurance covers property like cars and homes as well as personal and professional liabilities. AXA also provides international insurance for large corporate clients as well as insurance needs for Marine and Aviation.

Another offering from AXA is life insurance and savings. It includes both savings and retirement plans as well as health and personal protection products. Aside from these, individual clients in some countries can choose from a wide array of banking services and products that supplement the insurance they have chosen.

The third and last line of expertise of AXA is asset management. It usually involves investing and managing the assets of the Group’s insurance companies and their clients including third party individuals and businesses. Areas under this expertise include equities, bonds, hedge funds, private equity, and real estate.